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Swifts Creek is on the Great Alpine Road about 30kms from Omeo. Sited in the Tambo Valley and alongside the Tambo River the town enjoys great weather and scenery.
With around 300 people it is second in size in the region to Omeo (about 600).
The timber mill has been a feature in the town since the end of
WW2. It is, at present, a pallet timber maker.
Cattle and sheep grazing are the principal land use.
The districts Secondary College is located here along with a
Primary School. Dept Sustainability and Environment has a
major depot here that includes Vic Forests and DPI.
Look out for the Great Alpine Gallery.
The Community Centre is open weekdays and provides internet access for the public.
The High Country Bakery and Creekers Cafe provide excellent
food and refreshment.
A beautiful and interesting drive is from Omeo along the
Great Alpine Road to Swifts Creek and returning via the Cassilis Road, which is fully sealed. Or vica versa.
The Cassilis Road has three tourist information boards which provide a good idea of what has taken place since European settlement. They are located at Swifts Creek, Tongio West and Cassilis.

Top right, Tambo River at the caravan park.
Below, Ezards Mill at its peak in th 1970's