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Omeo Township is THE Historic town of the High Country. The town is spread out along a road that developed, with
the gold mining, along the edge of the Livingstone Creek.
This has resulted in Day Ave, quite rightly and accurately, being described as  "as crooked as a dogs hind leg".
Day Ave is also a section of the Great Alpine Road
carrying the title Day Ave while within the town boundary.
 The town became established with the gold mining boom which began officially in 1851. The European history of
the district began with the Benambra area in 1835 with Livingstone, McFarlane, McAllister and Pendergast but it was the Pendergasts who persisted while the others moved farther south and they are now generally credited with establishing the district.
Omeo became the districts main town  especially with the creation of the Shire of Omeo in 1872.
The Shire disappeared with the Local Government
amalgamations in 1994 when it became a part of the
huge East Gippsland Shire.

Early Omeo

First glimpse of Omeo on road from Mt Hotham side.